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Yogesh (BK Yogesh/ Yin Cheung Mar)

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1/31/13 06:15 pm - Renta Neko film

I came across this film when I was travelling by plane on Singapore Airlines. It's a good film and you should watch it.


3/10/06 06:28 am - Peculiar ADSL connection problems

Since the month of February, the ADSL line keeps dropping out between 0430-0700 local time. That also means that I've been unable to provide ogg stream relay service for bach-radio.com (http://yogesh.dyndns.org:8040/relay1.ogg).

Phoned my ISP today, and they couldn't explain it either (since they checked the line after 0700). Anyway, they'll give me another modem, I'll see what will happen.

2/23/06 09:36 am - New printer. Yay.

2 days ago I'd boughta Canon PIXMA iP3000 printer from someone who advertised it on hk.auction.yahoo.com. It was sold to me for HK$500 (USD$64). I like it because those BCI-3e and BCI-6 ink carts are so easy to refill.

2/14/06 01:46 pm - Converting Real Video to VCD format

Yes, Real Video format to VCD (MPEG). After a search, I settle for EO Video 1.36. At least it would do the job slowly.

5/19/05 12:43 pm - desktop is running again

Thanks to the two P3-450 processors my dad brought from his office, my CPU has been replaced. There wasn't anything wrong with the Celeron 300 @ 504. I just took everything out from the case and cleaned eveything thoroughly and it's running again happily.

3/17/05 08:04 am - Ethernet card update

I fixed the 8019AS card problem. Turns out to be dirty gold fingers. I took out the card and cleaned the gold fingers with pencil eraser (as I did in many occasions before), put it back and the complain was gone. The whole procedure only took me like two minutes.

3/13/05 01:18 pm - ethernet card / GRC in the news

My friend Jan wants cable modem broadband service at her home so before I went to work this morning, I went to Jan's home to install an ethernet card for her computer. Physical installation only took me two minutes but windows didn't like it and reported it as "not properly installed" or something like that. The card is an old card with a Realtek 8019AS chip.

I'll go back to her place this coming Friday. She'll make some good breakfast for me. :)

Janice R forwarded this email to me this morning:

>Subject: News of the Global Retreat Centre
>Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 10:43:42 -0000
>Dear Friends,
>Om shanti. I thought you may be interested in the news of the Global
>Retreat Centre shown on the BBC News website this morning. About two weeks
>ago, the primary school, local to Nuneham Courtenay, in Marsh Baldon, was
>burned down and since then the children have been temporarily holding their
>classes at the Global Retreat Centre. It has been a wonderful opportunity
>to give something to the local community and Sister Manda and all the
>brothers and sisters there have very much enjoyed the experience of having
>the children with them.
>This morning, news of this is featured as a headline under the 'also in the
>news section' on the front page of the BBC news website - UK edition with a
>full write up. Here is the link.
>With warmest regards,
>** Message **
>please see
>** School pupils learn to meditate **
>Pupils whose school burnt down have found a new home at a retreat centre
>which specialises in meditation. <
>http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/em/fr/-/1/hi/education/4339239.stm >
or http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/low/uk_news/education/4339239.stm for text-only

Good news indeed.

3/1/05 11:34 am - Minor hardware disposal

I threw away a few ISA sound cards. Mostly Yamaha OPL-3 and ESS. Don't know if it's a wise move or not.

3/1/05 10:35 am - Miaow. Miaow. Miaow.

Since there's nothing to do at work, it's time for picking another virtue from the VirtueReality card pack.

I catch the lightness of life and sense a good future.

Something good is going to happen... really soon :) :) :)

I become light when I realise that the past is good, the present is better and what it is to come in the future is the best for me. This is wisdom.

2/24/05 11:59 pm - Virtue card pick

/me picks a VirtueReality card...

Seeing to the heart of the matter, I stay with what's real and keep my life simple.

In my daily life, I often think too much. My thoughts go to all directions and with great quantity. Now it's the time to become simple so that my thoughts are powerful. My mind and intellect are subtle, so that every daily matter is dealt with the least amount of effort. This is how angels act and also the aim and objective of my spiritual study.

Subtlety of the intellect and lightness of the soul are the my personality.

2/24/05 11:24 am - Dip. results

I've received my DipABRSM results yesterday. Didn't pass it of course as what I did on 30 Oct 04 wasn't really proper music. I was not very happy about it last night but I feel ok today. Afterall this is what they think and I should not care about THEIR expectations as much.

However I do enjoy the process of preparing for it. Passing it would be an extra blessing for me, but I just didn't happen to get it this time.
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